NearBuy – Real Estate for the iPhone

Preview of NearBuy version 1.0
April 15, 2009, 1:41 am
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Take a look at the latest version of NearBuy, built for the soon-to-be-released iPhone OS 3.0.


Vote for NearBuy!
April 14, 2009, 5:28 am
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I made an iPhone application! Well, more accurately, a couple of incredibly smart friends and I did. And now we need your help in voting us to the top of a competition sponsored by Apple for student developers. The best news is the application, called NearBuy, is entirely FREE! Tell your friends, tell your students, tell your parents!

See a video demo of our application and vote here:

iPhone and iPod Touch users can download the application here for FREE:
(Don’t forget to rate and leave a comment after you’ve tried it!)


What we’ve created is a full-featured suite of applications designed to connect buyers and sellers of real estate with an entirely mobile-based platform. Now, buyers can browse one of the most comprehensive classified databases on a map of their surroundings. Vivid photos, descriptions, and links to useful tools like mortgage calculators and neighborhood information put the buyer in total control of their pursuit.

Sellers aren’t left out of the fun. For the first time on an iPhone app (coming soon), real estate agents can upload listings to Google Base directly from their iPhone. Of course, we’ve also built in the ability to access the listings that already exist on Google Base, with the ability to create a premium virtual tour—an immersive, sleek, and effective way of showcasing listings.